The unintended trip to Soná

As my red points didn’t get better, I left Santa Catalina on early Monday morning in order to make a 2h trip „back“ to Soná to the hospital. At around 8 a.m. I was already in the hospital and did go to the „Urgencia“ – emergency.

I got to say that I was positively impressed. All people in the hospital were extremly friendly and did a very good job. Of course I did have to show my passport every time I talked to a new person, to make sure that I was correctly put in the system and also before every treatment I did have to go to the cashier to pay cash in advance. With my receipt of the payment I had to go back to finally be able to talk to the doctor or get the treatments. (It was close to the part in „Asterix and Obelix“ where they had to run around in the department, but the difference was that I got to the goal and got out of the building not more crazy than I’ve entered in the morning ?)

Spital Collage


Spital Collage_01

All in all I got the whole range of treatments: urin sample, blood got tested and to fight the red points and stop the allergy in the whole body I got a 500 ml infusion.



The doc was also extremly friendly and after he found out that I am German I got the latest news about the European Championship in soccer. He told me that Germany won the last game and also a co- worker of him told me in detail about who scored the goals. I didn’t realize that on this side of the world, where in parallel the Copa America also was still on, the people are very interested in the European Championship too.

After that I also had to ask about the Copa America. I got to know that Argentina did loose the finale. I couldn’t keep myself from picking on my Argentinian Crew in Bocas ?

Okay…. after all I will always still be sceptical every time needles get stuck into my body as there are more or less often negative news (also in Switzerland) that lots of infections are caused through bad usage or handling of it. But I think I was really lucky that day and everything went well and will be fine. I am happy that finally this experience turned out to be positive in the end.

Finally I got a perscription for tabletts to support the fight against the allergy. I was personally informed by the people in the hospital’s pharmacy about how to take them and what the effects will/ should be. They also answerd all of my questions (of course in Spanish?) and now I finally think I know what I am doing ?


Svenja and the ocean

Meanwhile it’s Thursday and I felt better every single day. I think I will dare to go surfing today. I hope everything works out well and I will come out of the ocean savely.

Beach Oasis Collage

I’m really looking forward getting to know the ocean, the spot and the waves on that part of Panama. I already got to know other surfers, with whom I hope to paddle out for a surf session. Yep the luxury of boat taxi transfers to the spot from Bocas is not availble anymore, what means paddle out by yourself into the line up. I’m really looking forward…..


I plan to go diving Friday or Saturday as it would be a shame not to invest a minimum of one day to go to Coiba. During my stay in Panama I did get such a lot of positive reccomondations about the view and marine diversity, that I think I don’t want to waste that opportunity.


Santa Catalina

In comparison to Bocas, the town of Santa Catalina is really really really quite. There is no night life at all and everything is going it’s own slow rythm.

On the search for a halfway working internet connection, I first have to walk for 15 minutes. After that I have to wait patiently for the internet to build up the pages, which is always interrupted due to the bad connection. Yesterday the upload of my blog including the pics did take me more than half a day. But as I have to take it easy for some days that is all ok. The girls in the reception are also very nice, so at least I had good entertainment

St. Catalina Collage_01