After Christmas I travelled on to Sydney. I was living approx. 10 min away from Bondi Beach, which is a really nice part of the city as there are lots of little bars, cafes and restaurants. The beach itself is also very nice but during the Christmas holidays was packed with people.

Besides that, there is a lot more to see in Sydney and I had to be the tourist. One day I took the hop- on, hop- off sightseeing bus to see the whole city. Generally it’s a good thing to do that, as lots of interesting places and nice parts of the city can be seen in one day. It’s good for getting a little overview of a city.

I also explored a lot by walking through the ctity. I could see the different quarters and also lots of the beautiful parks.

While being in Sydney it’s impossible not to see the Opera and the Harbour Bridge ?

For New Year’s I went to the city and could see the fireworks in front of the Opera. It’s funny becaus at 9 o’clock there is a small firework for the kids and at 12 o’clock there is the „proper“ firework for New Year’s. It was incredible how many people were in the city to see the fireworks. The streets already were closed for traffic during the afternoon to enable all of the people an easy way out of the city after midnight.


Svenja and the ocean

For sure I also went surfing in Bondi Beach. That was the first time I had to wear a wetsuit in the ocean as the water was really cold for me with approx. 22°C.

After that huge waves in Hawaii, the little beach brake at Bondi Breach was really relaxing. Sadly the ocean mostly was really bumpy and there was a lot of wind too, so that the waves weren’t that good.

Nevertheless I was in the water and could take one or the other wave. That is the most important ?


  1. Hallo Svenja, Monika und ich werden am 27.01. bis 31.01. in Sydney sein. Danach geht es für 5 Wochen nach Neuseeland.
    Liebe Grüsse Dietmar und Monika P.

    • Hallo ihr zwei,
      das hört sich ja auch sehr interessant an 🙂 Stellt euch schon mal auf gutes Sommerwetter in Sydney ein.
      Neuseeland ist dann sicher wieder etwas kälter, aber lange nicht so kalt wie daheim.
      Ich werde dann schon auf der nächsten Insel -> Siargao (Philippinen) sein.

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