Green paradise

I spent my time on the island mostly with surfing, riding the scooter or just doing nothing ? Normally the rain season is already gone in February according to the locals. But this year there were lots of unpredictable rain showers, which sometimes lasted half or a complete day. Only the ones that were already in the ocean for surfing when it started to rain, were the lucky ones, as it doesn’t matter if there is additional water from above ? A negative side effect of that „strange climate“ was that lots of people had to fight different signs of a cold ? which I also could not escape….

On some of the “good” days I experienced a lot of funny things. One day, for example, I went for a walk through the green fields with two other Germans (Dani and Dani) and a dog . We saw one or the other buffalo on the fields. Unluckily you never know if they are tethered or not respectively how long the rope is. Our dog had to show the buffalo who is the boss on the field and did bark at the buffalo, who was not impressed at all. In contrast he came really determined towards us and (according to my impression) with a grimly face. Thereupon the three of us ran fast-paced to escape this situation?‍♀️???‍♀️?‍♀️?At times I felt like being in a computer game, where you have to find your way through the fields without being chased by a buffalo? Finally we avoided every buffalo, endured heavy rains ?with 3 persons and only 2 ponchos and made our way back savely. I am pretty sure that the locals we met on our “tour” thought “not again those crazy tourists” ?



It was also a lot of fun just to ride the scooter to discover the island in driving up north. The way to the northern part of the island leads through a lot of green fields and palm tree forests. On this trip I stopped in Pacifico and also Burgos, where a lot of beautiful beaches and waves can also be seen.


In this part of the island a lot of work is being done in building or renewing the streets. I had the feeling that they are getting prepared for more tourists. I was joking and said that they want to be prepared for end of February when the direct flight from Manila starts being operated ? ?

I was a bit unlucky with my scooter as I got a flat tire. Dani said “oh I guess this looks really flat and you should go and get some air”. Okay…. that was kind of late as it was not possible to ride the scooter anymore as it was already on the rim. As a reason of that I had to walk it back home to the hostel for 1 km. Luckily this happend directly in front of the doorstep and not somewhere on the island ???

The tire was worn out only on one side as the scooter was not aligned properly anymore. I guess this was due to a past accident. So it finally had a hole on this side, which could not be repaired and the tire had to be replaced completely. After I got the new tire, it was kind of hard to ride the scooter as it was still not aligned and thus always drifted to one side. I was so happy when I could return this piece of shit without anymore big problems. My expierence with the scooters is, that there is always something not working properly and I’d suggest to check it thoroughly in advance. I also know that this is hard to do during the 10 min of the handover ?

Another scooter ride led us a little bit outside of Dapa. There are some houses on poles on the water, which were really interesting to see. Also the colored boats in front of them. What I actually liked a lot more was the kids that approached us with a lot of enthusiasm as we stopped the scooters to take some photos. It was hard to me to still see Danni (this time the Australian Danni –> all in all I met 4 Danis on the Siargao trip ?), who was in the middle of all of this kids. I guess the rule we do have “never talk to strangers” does not apply here… ?


Svenja and the ocean

The 5 weeks on Siargao were really diverse in point of surfing. There were days, where I had a hard time getting out of the bed as a reason of the cold I caught, sometimes there was a lot of wind which reduced the surfable spots to a minimum, but on other days when there was no wind a lot more spots were working, also on the open ocean.

In spite of the unstable conditions and little surf days I had a good surf time on Siargao. I had lots of fun while surfing, with the two German Danis. With one of the Danis I went to a left in the early morning (G1), which was already overhead that day. In the beginning I had a little bit of trouble in understanding that wave. But as I saw Dani take- off on one wave after the other, I got ambitious and thought “I also want that….. grrr”. As I realized how the wave works, I caught a big green wall. I was so happy as a Filipina threw a shaka towards me, not knowing me at all, as she was paddeling her way back into the line- up and could directly see me riding the wave ? That was a really nice experience. Yes.. to all that surfer guys out there. That’s how we females do it. We do paddle ambitiously for the waves, but also celebrate and motivate each other instead of, worst case, beating us up on the ocean ?

With the other Dani I mostly went to the secret spot (everybody knows ?), which is more a beginner’s spot when the swell is small. This means that one has to take care of a lot of longboards flying around from the beginners and also of the instructors that, who I felt, don’t like to explain the basics to their students too much. Unfortunately on some days we had no other chance than going there, as this is one of the spots that are not effected by the wind. Nevertheless it’s a good wave, on which I could work a lot on my backside. On the days without wind we mostly went to the spot in front of Daku island, which is a right hander where I could work on my frontside. At this spot we had such a lot of fun, as the wave suited the both of us very well. Dani and me are such a great team, as she always said “yep… this wave looks good, you could try it” and I always tried to make her ride more parallel to the wave, that she’d have more time on the open face to do turns. Of course we always motivated each other and laughed a lot.

With the „Australian Danni“ I also went to the secret spot once and she caught one of her first green waves with her own paddle power. I was so happy for her, as I always told her “you got to keep on paddling, you got to keep on paddling — you can get up on the board the moment the wave catches you”. This is the classic beginner’s challenge: not stop too early with paddeling because of being eager on jumping on the board. And I am allowed to say it, as I had to go through a lot of surf session until I realized how it is working. But……. Danni did such a great job and I was happy. That is a funny world in which the German tells the Australian something about surfing ?? But we had lots of fun.

Finally I have to write about Doris and Jacky, who I always called “team Austria”. It was such a great experience to meet those two girls. I rarely met beginners with such a big interest in surfing and commitment in learning how to surf. The day before their first surf lesson they were a bit sceptic, that everything turns out well and it wouldn’t be too exhausting. Completely euphoric and also a bit nervous, Jacky watched you tube tutorials until 4 a.m. ? and also listened to my explanations (which were a lot ??). After their first surf day, both of them returned with a big smile on their faces and had to admit that they also were infected by the surf virus. Two more girls stoked…. good job???