Roundtrip: Kuta – Nusa Lembongan – Gili Air

Hello Bali……

Actually I’ve been in Indonesia most of March. The first days after my arrival I stayed in Kuta, to finally arrive in Bali and get my new board I ordered via Email ? I did have an accomodation in Kuta directly across the road in front of the beach. I could go to the surfspot within 2 minutes walking. On this side of the island (west) it was a bit windy as there is still some on- shore winds during March. Nevertheless I could test my new board ?

After 4 days in Kuta I moved on to the East of the island to Sanur. I was hoping that the wind is a bit better on that side. As I got used taking Uber for transports during traveling I also used Uber as it also works in Bali. Sadly the local transport persons don’t like it too much as it is a good and cheaper option to their services. As a reason of it my Uber driver was a bit in a hurry and told me to put my luggage into the car quickly. During the ride to Sanur he told me that once his windows got smashed in Canggu while he was a picking- up somebody. Personally I think that this is so stupid to prohibit the much cheaper transports like Uber or Grab or actually be violant against them. I think that the local transports and taxis have to blame themselves as they ripped off tourists for ages and now they have to live with the competition and conesquences.

The closest surf spot to Sanur was Serangan, which I personally like a lot. Actually the wind was less, but sadly the swell was a bit small between 3- 4 feet, which made it really tough to get into the waves properly (as it is kind of a fat wave) and took a lot of paddle energy off me. There are lots of Warungs along the beach. The one I really can recommend is Karina’s. It’s (watching the ocean) on the very left. Karina is super super friendly, always had an eye on my stuff and after the surf there was always a good Nasi or Mie Goreng for lunch ?

In riding the scooter around Sanur I got a flat tire…….. again. After my experience I gained in Siargao I knew, that I just have to find a scooter mechanic and it will be easy, quick and cheap to fix it, in just changing the tube inside the tire. Now I really hope that the flat tire chapter can be closed….. ?

Everything’s a bit slower on Nusa Lembongan

From the harbor in Sanur I took the speed boat for a 30 minutes ride to Nusa Lembongan. Here everything’s a bit slower and a bit more relaxing compared to hectic Kuta and the chaotic scooter rides around Sanur. On Lembongan everybody is riding the scooters again without helmet, the little 10 year old kids ride the scooters better than I do ? and nobody asks for the international driver’s license.

Here I went diving again. Sadly our little dive group did not make it to swim against the current to finally see a Mola Mola. I got a fullsuit, which I’m not used to because normally I use my own wetsuit for which I know my weights. Unluckily the dive shop did give me not enough weights, also after I told them what I normally have on my suit, which gave me a really hard time on the first dive. On top of that, even the dive master did not carry extra weights ? I guess it’s also not the season for the Mola Mola, for which you also have to be more lucky to find one. All in all it was a bit disappointing that it didn’t work out on the first dive.  During the second dive I was able to see a group of mantas. This let me forget a bit about the trouble that happened in the first dive. Nevertheless I would not recommend the dive shop “Dive Concepts” in Nusa Lembongan as there is approx. 4 more around the corner, which might work a bit more professional.


Chilling and recreation on Gili Air

After Nusa Lembongan I went further on a 1.5 hour speet boat ride to Gili Air. Gili Air is the second smallest of the three Gili islands and again a bit more quiet than Lembongan. I think a reason for this is that there are neither cars nor scooters. The main transport is a horse car, the bike or just walking. Sometimes I did see maybe 3 or 4 little e- scooters. The island is so small that one can completely walk around it within 1 or 2 hours.

I also went diving on Gili Air. The dive shop “Blue Marine Dive” , which is located in the northeast of the island, I can highly recommend. I went diving with them during 2 days and the staff was really really friendly and extrem professional. I did see a bunch of turtles, sharks, a lot of colored fish and amazing reef in front of Gili T. Actually we also tried to find a ship wreck, but drifted away due to the strong current. Neverthelss I had lots of fun during those dives.

Finally I went back to Bali from Gili Air and found a really nice accomodation in Canggu for the following 4 weeks. It does have a little pool and an extremly lovely team. Actually Canggu is not that hectic as Kuta and I’m only a 2 minutes scooter ride away from the next surf spot.

Svenja and the ocean

In the beginning I went surfing at the Kuta beach break, which was really windy and small. It was fun in the water, but as it is a beginner’s spot I knew that there are a lot better waves. On top of it the plastic bags that wrap around the nose in paddling and all of the other trash, which can be felt around the feet or arms while paddling, are a bit annoying. Those are not the best conditions for a feel good surf session. But it is well known that in Kuta is a lot of dirt in the ocean that can be “found” while surfing. Luckily I did not get any more scratches in this dirt or even worse…… an ear infection ?

On the east side I went on the reef of Serangan, which I personally think is a really beautiful spot with different peaks and clear water. Some will hate the 5- 10 min paddle out into the line up, but it’s worth it. One day I finally sat on the ocean with two more local guys and we had some paddle battles for the best spot closest to the peak. Every time we were completely wrong positioned we laughed ?

Sadly there were no waves in the bay of Nusa Lembongan and after I found a wonderful looking left on Nusa Cenningan, I finally decided not to go on this massive left. I watched the surfers out there, which had extremly nice waves, but the spot had to be entered via a ladder on the rock for which a set pause is needed. Without anybody with experience on that spot I thought it was better not to hop in. No more rock exploring ?

Generally it’s possible to surf on Gili Air, but everything has to fall in place for this: direction and size of the swell. As a reason of this, I did not surf during my stay of 2.5 days on the island ? I did see three young locals guys that were paddling close to the beach, but I guess they did not really surf that day.

During my time in Canggu I mostly went to Batu Bolong or Old Mans, as those spots are around the corner to where I’m staying. Both spots do have fat waves, which have to be caught directly close to the peak or already on a whitewash part on smaller swell. In these conditions, it’s easier with a longboard. When it’s bigger, it’s also important to be in the right position, but if everything is correct one can go down a nice green wall. I caught a really good open face the other day, which was so bumpy and powerful that I had a hard time staying in control of my board. But…. it was fun ?

Sadly I did not take any surf pics during the last weeks as the new board does not have a GoPro mounting and I did not surf the old one too often?. I hope I’ll get some more pics during the next weeks ?‍♀️