Where everything started…

…… it also ends.

In March 2016, before I started my worldsurftrip I already went to Sri Lanka. This was the final test if my „old damaged“ knee would work well surfing. After a little shitty break not doing a lot of sports during 1.5 years, I needed to know if everything is all right. After 2 weeks of surfing and knowing that everything worked out well I started telling the people that I’d be ready to start a longer surftrip. That for, it was kind of the beginning…..

Now at the end of my worldsurf trip I went back again to Weligama, as I did decided against the long bus trip to A-bay at the east coast. I knew that the spots in the south of Sri Lanka would still be working at the end of April. That’s why I went back to the place I already knew. Nothing against that… no?

Arriving late at night in Colombo some things did terribly go wrong  ?


I had to stay one night in Colombo, but decided early in the morning to hop on the train to the south. I was kind of escaping to the South and the ocean ????

These train trips are always amazing. The train track partly goes along the ocean and the ocean is only a stone’s throw away. The Tamil people are so lovely. One asked me where I am from and started to talk in German to me as he was living some time in Germany. Another guy helped me to properly store my surfboard in the train.

Upon arriving in Weligama I just went to the close beach break for surfing. Luckily I met Alex, a Portuguese, who showed me the close-by reef breaks. At that time she was already surfing the Weligama area for about 2 months. That’s why she knew her way around the spots. It was such a lot of fun surfing the nearly uncrowded spots with her.


Sri Lanka was not only my last destination. Máire, who I got to know in Hawai’i and also went further west, finally stopped over in Sri Lanka too. I was so happy catching up with her after not seeing her for half a year of traveling. So finally we could go surfing again and did have an amazing week together.

We also got to know Jolante, who completed our team of 3. It’s always the same. If you have the right people around you, it’s that much funnier than being alone. Besides surfing we did a lot of other little day trips together.



One day we went to the turtle beach close to Mirissa. Sadly we did not see one turtle while snorkling the bay.



For sure a trip to the secret beach had to be on the list. At this place I broke a pole flag the year before and I had to check out if it was built up again. The owner of the beach bar did really remeber me and welcomed me back with a hand shake, a big hug and a smile on his face.

On our way home from the secret beach we did get the possibility to drive a TukTuk. Namal our driver courageously asked us if we wanted to try it. This driving lesson did end with a lot of laughter, „slowly slowly“ by Namal and strangely looking people on the streets. We had lots of fun and Namal finally said we passed the test ??


Before separating for the last days of our journeys we finally made a trip to Galle to visit the well-known lighthouse and the beautiful Galle Fort. Besides the insane busride (again) it was a nice final adventure.


Svenja and the ocean

Yeah…. what shall I say. My last two weeks in the ocean were really good. I found a great surf buddy with Alex, with whom I did go surfing on several reef breaks, what was a lot of fun.

For my last week I took the luxury in attending a surf guiding, which made me go surfing nearly every day at 5 a.m. The early surfs were worth it, as most of the time it was only the 3 of us or a maximum of 3- 4 people in addition to us. One morning we actually got offered a ride out to the line up by local fishermen (at how could it be anything else: fishermen’s reef ?). The ones knowing that spot, also know about the annoying 10 min+ paddle out…..

Actually I found out that the lefts are not that bad and did work out pretty good (even if I still prefer the rights according to the cliché of the regular footed). Especially on a point break at which you get to know one time where, when and how the wave will arrive and can be caught. ?