Here…. You’ll find some pics of my trip. I just posted them on the German version, as they don’t depend on the language ?

For more picture just go to facebook (link: on the right corner of the page), there you’ll find a bunch of albums.

The very first pics are those with all my loved ones that supported my from the very first idea until the point where the trip became reality.  Thanks to all of you…..

my loved ones

The first destination was Panama. There I stayed in Bocas del Toro, Boquete and Santa Catalina:


The second destination is Costa Rica. Up to now, I went to Pavones, Uvita, Dominical and St. Teresa. On my way back to Panama, I also visited Puerto Viejo:

Costa Rica

In August I went “quickly” to Rio for the Olympic Games to. This was a great experience:


The last destination in Central America was Nicaragua. There I’ve been in San Juan del Sur with it’s different surf spots and also in Popoyo. Two awesome destination:


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