about me…

About me

Hey there…. I’m Svenja and I started www.worldsurftrip.net to keep my family and friends up to date about my world surf trip. All the others out there, that are surf- and travel- freaks, are also warmly welcomed to follow me. Maybe you can benefit from my experiences, get helpful tips for your own trip or you are just interested in following my adventures during the next year.

How did I get the Surfvirus, with which I am still stuck?

Looking back on my final school years, where one of my main subjects was sport and I only passed the swimming event with lots of effort and never really felt happy in the water, I never thought I’d ever find peace with water nor that I’d really get into it ? Yep….it’s completely different with a board in the ocean than without, only being in a chlorine pool.

The memory of the first „real“ Point Break movie which made me crazy about surfing (ok…it’s loudly said.. I hope my beloved surfbuddies will be able to deal with THAT shock ?) , I always said „that is what I’d like to try/ do one day“.

Sadly… step by step it took about more than 10 years, until I was standing … mmmhh definitely more lying….on a surfboard at the age of 30.

Just in that moment I rememberd that young boy in Point Break, who sold the first board to Keanu Reeves (Johnny Utah) and asked “Hey man, how old are you?”, which was answered with “25”…. the young one replied “Isn’t that a little too old to start surfing?”…. I had to smile a little bit, because it’s definitely never the case. And this is how it looked in the 90ies with that nice red door …

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-26 um 09.05.59

Okay….. and in the loooooong time in between, where the real life rules, some of those scenes can be seen in the workaday life….. I was just standing on the wonky board instead of the desk……? 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-26 um 09.06.41