getting started…

The preparations

Already several years ago, I had the thought of just taking some time off to do what I really like and where I really feel free. Of course….. that is surfing, what luckily always comes with travelling.

My experiences from previous trips, talks with friends and lots of other travellers I met „on the road“ convinced me, that a travel year is what I also want to experience.

I can only give the advice to everybody to talk to as many people as possible, to get lots of different ideas, information about destinations and point of views. Additionally getting to know such a lot of interesting personalities and different cultures, is always a great thing which I don’t have to get into detail with….

Now, that I had lots of wooly thoughts and plans, which I didn’t want constantly to be in my head or worst- case forget about during the preparation time, I had to write them all down. I wouldn’t be an engineer, if I didn’t put them all onto paper in a mind map to ensure a good plan, which is known to prevent the unbelievable chaos…

The mind map really guided me very well during the preparation time and also reminded me of everything. Being handwritten on an A3 paper, I could always add comments, notes or new tasks and cross tasks already done. The following mind map can help everybody during the inital planning steps just to get a clue about things that I had to arrange for myself.

Of course you don’t get the handscribbled A3 I used for my planning, because it’s actually already difficult for me to read ?

Just click on it and it will enlarge to be readable:

Mind Map E

What do you think?